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In the midst of these incredibly tough times, and with negative news encompassing our everyday lives, it’s essential we also choose to focus on the positives and small victories both we and our communities continue to achieve! In light of this optimistic viewpoint, we here at InfoCision are happy to announce that within a week’s … Continued

Alleviating Emotional Exhaustion in the Contact Center

Working at a frontline customer-facing job involves a high level of emotional exertion. Burnout, or mental exhaustion, and turnover are, therefore, statistical inevitabilities of contact centers. Customer care Communicators are expected to display socially appropriate emotions and suppress negative ones. They are asked to create empathy, rapport and trust with customers and to appear happy … Continued

Best Practices of Top-Performing Frontline Managers

To maximize a team’s abilities, managers must spend a significant amount of time helping team members understand company objectives and coaching them to improve performance. Successful contact center managers have figured out how to address key factors impacting contact center operations, engendering smooth transactions and enhancing the customer experience. Frontline managers who continuously seek quality … Continued

The Psychology Behind Delivering Superior Customer Service

Appreciating the emotions involved in customer service is the first step toward creating a better customer experience. Sure, feelings are not something humans can always control—and they sometimes seem nebulous, random and unexplainable—but, fear not, there is a science to ridding your contact center of negative emotions that upend Communicator performance and dismay customers. What … Continued

Too Much Sales Pressure Leads to Negative Results

“Rigid, relentless sales goals” are the reason, according to a Bloomberg report, that Wells Fargo & Co. employees opened more than 2 million unauthorized accounts since 2011, leading to a federal investigation into whether criminal charges should be filed. Already this year, the bank has agreed to pay $185 million in civil fines, and the … Continued

Getting Contact Center Data Into the Right Hands to Improve Processes

Your contact center leaders have collected enough data on your customers to ensure that the contact center can meet their needs and remain a vital force in achieving company goals. But these leaders can’t make the necessary changes on their own; your contact center does not function well as an island. Successful operation requires collaboration … Continued

Champion Your Contact Center This Olympic Season

The Olympics is about more than just sports. In all the hubbub surrounding world records and gold medals, there’s an undercurrent of something even more compelling: the stories behind the athletes. People with such extraordinary levels of focus and dedication invariably encounter obstacles along the way, but their determination to keep going despite those obstacles … Continued

Is Talent Development on Your To-do List?

A recurring item on every contact center manager’s list of concerns is retaining customer care agents. In contrast, an item that’s often missing from that very same list is talent development. The key to addressing the former is to take action on the latter; yet, for a variety of reasons, very few managers do so. … Continued

Why Customer Care Success Starts With the C-Suite

As the leader of a call center, your job encompasses a wide variety of tasks, not the least of which is motivating and inspiring your Communicators. Effective managers seem to do the job effortlessly, when in reality they are purposefully employing a host of skills and techniques to support their staff, which in turn increases … Continued

Ways to Make Morale a Priority

It’s hard to pin down a definition of high or low morale in the workplace, but you know it when you see it. A team with high morale is confident they can do the job, disciplined about performing it, and motivated to tackle whatever comes their way. On the other hand, low morale looks just … Continued