Five Customer Care Trends to Consider Implementing In Your Strategy

Once again, it’s time to take a look into the crystal ball. Which of the latest ideas in customer care are likely to have staying power in the months ahead? Forrester published a report predicting customer service trends in 2016; we’ll highlight five of them here. Trend #1: Companies will make self-service easier. People want … Continued

The Tools You Need to Augment Your Quality of Customer Care

Boy, how customer care practices have changed over the past few decades.  It’s amazing how quickly technology and the Internet impacted the way we interact, conduct business, and make purchasing decisions. Now contact centers should be utilizing the wealth of advanced technology and Web-based marketing and customer care tools available . In fact, it’s rather … Continued

The Top Customer Care Trends Contact Centers Must Consider

Due to the recent advancements in the contact center space from more intuitive technology to more strategic multichannel marketing services, organizations have been able to adjust their brand focus to what (or who) truly matters most: the customer. In fact, Forrester’s report “Trends 2015: The Future of Customer Service” suggests that customer-forward technology and communication … Continued

The Importance of Making On Hold a Last Resort in the Contact Center

There are some unbelievable stories about companies that don’t put a concerted effort towards their quality of customer service. In fact, just recently a woman spent six hours on hold with American Airlines trying to rebook her cancelled flight due to weather-related issues. Instances such as this not only frustrate customers on an individual level, … Continued

How to Turn a Customer Service Interaction Around in Minutes

Technology can only help contact center agents so much when a service call goes inexplicably awry. In those situations it is the agent’s personality and genuine empathy shown for the consumer that can turns the interaction around immediately. In serving today’s consumers, using business intelligence is a remarkable solution to better understanding consumer trends and … Continued

Predicting Customer Service Success: The Importance of Data Analytics

I think most would agree with this suggestion:  consumers expect customer service agents to know how to efficiently solve any and every problem at hand. Due to the fact that agents aren’t mind readers, supplying your contact center with the right tools to better identify future customer inquiries is critical in reaping full ROI. Recent … Continued

One-to-One Marketing: Fact or Fiction?

By Steve Brubaker, InfoCision Chief of Staff If you’ve heard about one-to-one marketing and are still a little skeptical, I understand. After all, it’s difficult to believe that it’s possible to deliver such personalized attention to each individual customer or prospect. Even if you’ve heard that your competition is engaged in one-to-one marketing, you may … Continued