Does Too Much Technology Disrupt Interpersonal Communications?

Have you ever gone out to lunch or dinner and noticed that nearly everyone in the restaurant is using his or her smartphones? There’s a good chance that you’ve experienced this exact same situation, as we’ve all been guilty of being a little too attached to technology at some time or another. But, with that … Continued

Three Customer Care Missteps to Avoid

There’s a saying in business that “any press is good press.” In other words, all publicity, regardless of whether it’s positive or negative, works to build brand awareness and generate revenue. Is there any merit to this saying? In some cases, there is; for example, a celebrity like Donald Trump accepts this idiom as fact … Continued

The Top Customer Care Trends Contact Centers Must Consider

Due to the recent advancements in the contact center space from more intuitive technology to more strategic multichannel marketing services, organizations have been able to adjust their brand focus to what (or who) truly matters most: the customer. In fact, Forrester’s report “Trends 2015: The Future of Customer Service” suggests that customer-forward technology and communication … Continued

Going Back to School on Contact Center Best Practices

With autumn around the corner, students across the country have grabbed their backpacks and headed back to school for a new year of learning. For the first few weeks of the school year teachers will review old material to ensure students remember what they learned last year before they move ahead to new topics. In … Continued