The Tools You Need to Augment Your Quality of Customer Care

Boy, how customer care practices have changed over the past few decades.  It’s amazing how quickly technology and the Internet impacted the way we interact, conduct business, and make purchasing decisions. Now contact centers should be utilizing the wealth of advanced technology and Web-based marketing and customer care tools available . In fact, it’s rather … Continued

The Importance of Market Segmentation in Nonprofit Fundraising

Careful preparation and appropriate research must be executed before contact center supervisors and contact center agents can actively participate in fundraising campaigns in the nonprofit space. After all, to maximize donations received, supervisors must glean important insights about which demographics will be most receptive to a particular charity or campaign. Additionally, contact center agents must … Continued

Predicting Customer Service Success: The Importance of Data Analytics

I think most would agree with this suggestion:  consumers expect customer service agents to know how to efficiently solve any and every problem at hand. Due to the fact that agents aren’t mind readers, supplying your contact center with the right tools to better identify future customer inquiries is critical in reaping full ROI. Recent … Continued

One-to-One Marketing: Fact or Fiction?

By Steve Brubaker, InfoCision Chief of Staff If you’ve heard about one-to-one marketing and are still a little skeptical, I understand. After all, it’s difficult to believe that it’s possible to deliver such personalized attention to each individual customer or prospect. Even if you’ve heard that your competition is engaged in one-to-one marketing, you may … Continued

Moving Beyond Your Trusty Customer Base

Customer loyalty is the ultimate sign of a great company. Consumers that continue to do business with you—especially with so many competitors constantly entering every sector—don’t just like your product or service: they trust it, which is an even bigger accomplishment. The problem with a loyal customer base that isn’t growing, however, is that it … Continued