Following the Rules with Governance

Analytics-based governance keeps our contact centers running in full compliance with internal best practices, legal regulations, and more. Our Governance Team defines goals, guidelines and terms across the organization; communicates with internal departments on these specifics so that everyone is on the same page; uses data to measure adherence to goals, guidelines and terms; and … Continued

Analytics – Real Time and Relevant

Our Business Analytics solutions have helped many organizations mine and analyze their existing data and turn it into interactive visualizations and easy-to-use analysis tools, focused on improving results and providing vital insight. Most importantly, we turn large amounts of data into something useful for our clients by doing things like determining pockets of your most … Continued

Keep Pace With E-Commerce Trends in the New Year

Your online business must be responsive—not only to visitors but to trends which, if ignored, may trip you up eventually. With the quick pace of modern societal and technological advances, organizations need to keep a finger on the pulse of their industries and develop the agility to react to pressures at the drop of a … Continued

How to Move From Data to Insights to Action

As a business leader, you are told often enough to harness the data in your organization to drive more-effective decision making. And maybe you’re thinking “easier said than done”—and you’d be correct. It’s a struggle in today’s business environment to rein in data when more and more of it arrives every day. Yet the amount … Continued

Getting Contact Center Data Into the Right Hands to Improve Processes

Your contact center leaders have collected enough data on your customers to ensure that the contact center can meet their needs and remain a vital force in achieving company goals. But these leaders can’t make the necessary changes on their own; your contact center does not function well as an island. Successful operation requires collaboration … Continued

Why the Phone Provides High-Value Leads

Recent research by BIA/Kelsey predicts that annual calls to businesses from smartphones will reach 162 billion by 2019. This number is a dramatic increase—more than double—over the 77 billion calls generated similarly last year. Much of this traffic is due to the proliferation of mobile ads that merge with the scrolling feed-based interfaces of social … Continued

Why Social Listening Is Your Secret Weapon

Listening is harder than talking, both for people and for businesses. Stephen Covey, author of the top-selling 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, said that most people listen with the intent to reply, not to understand; we’re usually just waiting until the talker finishes so we can have our turn to speak. That’s not really … Continued

How to Avoid ‘Analysis Paralysis’ in the Contact Center

In customer care centers, data is everywhere. Almost every contact center has tools in place to capture it, knowing that data holds the key to optimizing operations. Likewise, most contact center managers are adept at turning this data into information through reporting. Reporting is particularly useful for monitoring purposes; when unexpected data presents itself, it … Continued

Optimize Your Call Center With The Right Technology Solutions

It’s quite likely that you’ve set some lofty goals for 2016. Perhaps you want to improve your overall call resolution or decrease your call abandonment score.  Whatever your goal may be, it’s important that you provide employees with the right set of technology tools to help them succeed. After all, even the most skilled and … Continued

How Word-of-Mouth Can Make or Break Your Contact Center Success

When a consumer has a great experience with a brand he or she is likely to tell friends and family about the experience, as well as recommend the business, therefore generating more leads via word-of-mouth. In fact, the American Express Global Customer Service Barometer revealed that 42 percent of consumers are most likely to try … Continued