The Fastest Way to Improve Your Customer Service Department

You were recently put on notice to reduce costs and improve key performance metrics in your contact center. And now, you are scratching your head and wondering where to start. As I am sure you are already aware, this is not an easy process. And the larger the contact center, the harder it can be … Continued

What Does It Take to Turn Customers Into Brand Advocates?

Recently I was discussing a special Thanksgiving recipe, when the idea dawned on me: Customer service is like serving a meal. You have to include the right ingredients if you want to create advocates that will rave about your company and its products and services to their social followers. If your customers aren’t happy, it … Continued

It’s Okay to Feel Good About Outsourcing

Let’s be honest: Your customer service department is more of a burden than a benefit to your business. It’s expensive. It’s complex. And it’s failing to drive revenue for your organization like the company hoped it would when the department was originally established.   It is possible, however, to turn things around and start providing … Continued

Key Findings From the Customer Rage Survey

For the last several years, rising consumer expectations have been a major focal point in the customer service space. As the years have gone on, customers have become increasingly demanding about the products and services they receive. These expectations were recently detailed in an informative report aptly titled the “2017 Customer Rage Study.” What’s interesting … Continued

Tips for Designing a Profitable Contact Center

Let’s assume that right now, your business does not have a dedicated contact center. Right now you have a blank slate to start with, and money to spend. And you are wondering about whether it’s a good idea to move forward with a contact center for your business. Is it really something that your organization … Continued

Technology and Customer Service: They Go Hand In Hand

 Now that the Major League Baseball season is over, pay attention to what happens over the next several weeks. Teams are now assessing their rosters and trying to figure out what they need to do to get better before next year. Some teams, for instance, will be in the market for pitching. Others will want … Continued

Expect Unhappy Customers To Take Action Against Your Company

 Every company dreams of having “brand influencers,” or super-customers who continuously rave about their favorite products and services to followers over social media. But this does not always happen. On the other end of the spectrum are “brand detractors” or customers that will actively speak out when they are unhappy with a company. How your … Continued

Contact Centers: Not Just for Big Businesses

During a recent flight, I had the pleasure of speaking with the owner of a small to medium-sized business (SMB). We got to talking about his organization, and eventually breached the topic of customer service. “Steve,” he said, “I know I need to improve my business’s customer service by investing in a contact center. But … Continued

What is Customer Journey Mapping?

The hope is that when a customer buys a product, he or she will continue doing it well into the future. After all, over the course of a lifetime, a single customer could conceivably wind up spending a significant amount of money with an organization — that is, assuming they continue to have positive experiences. … Continued

Tips for Managing Customer Expectations

One of the hardest parts about customer service is the fact that you and your team can do just about everything right, and yet you will still have some customers who will be unhappy with your products or services. Understand, though, that every customer is important to your organization. For this reason, it’s important to … Continued