Predicting Customer Service Success: The Importance of Data Analytics

I think most would agree with this suggestion:  consumers expect customer service agents to know how to efficiently solve any and every problem at hand. Due to the fact that agents aren’t mind readers, supplying your contact center with the right tools to better identify future customer inquiries is critical in reaping full ROI. Recent … Continued

A Great Customer Experience Starts Behind the Scenes

Like any critically acclaimed theater production, the key to its success is in the actors’ and actresses’ delivery. But, the delivery wouldn’t amount to much without a director’s guidance and a production team working tirelessly behind the scenes throughout the play. Believe it or not, the same amount of credit can be attributed to the … Continued

How Call Center Analytics Influence Positive Customer Experiences

Many may be unaware of this truth, but the secret behind exceptional customer service has not only to do with expert Communicators, but much to do with hard facts provided by data analytics. In an era where tempers are running shorter but quality of customer service is rising in importance, more support is needed in … Continued